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As most people are aware, the cost of higher education hasn’t gotten any cheaper, and the numbers continue to climb to staggering sums: the College Board reports that a "moderate" college budget for an in-state public college for the 2015–2016 academic year averaged $24,061, and a moderate budget at a private college averaged $47,831. We hope that this scholarship will help relieve some of the financial pressure that accompanies the college adventure.

Contributions can be made securely online or by mail. Donations of all sizes, large and small are much appreciated and contribute to helping students pay for tuition, housing, and essential school supplies!

Donation Payment Options:

We are currently offering special recognition in thanks of honored donors at the following contribution levels:

  • $911+ "Friend of Phil" donations will receive our highest level of honor and will almost entirely sponsor a student scholarship. You will receive a framed Phil Guza Memorial Scholarship Donor Certificate and will also be acknowledged on our website.
  • $500 “Trust Associate” donation will sponsor half of one individual student scholarship and pay for their laptop computer. You will receive a Phil Guza Memorial Scholarship Donor Certificate and will also be acknowledged on our website.
  • $100 “Fellow Crabber” donation will sponsor a significant portion of an individual student scholarship and help pay for college textbooks. You will receive a Donor Certificate and also be acknowledged on our website.
  • $50 donation will sponsor a portion of an individual student scholarship and pay for much needed college supplies. You will receive a Donor Certificate.

Donors have the option of being excluded from website recognition, and can opt to skip the gift to minimize our costs. All donors will receive an e-mail or letter for proof of charitable donation. The Phil Guza Memorial Charitable Trust is a public 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, allowing all donations to be tax deductible.


Friends of Phil
Jean Lane
Norman Beamer/The Aardvarks
Ann & Paul Hockenbury/Williams Elementary School
Ivan & June Wanat
Endicott College
Marcia Guza
Bob & Sally Guza
Doug Zagha
Pete & Shalan Guza

Trust Associates
Mary Lynn Malibashka
Carl Meier
George & Irene Wanat
Tony Bossone

Fellow Crabbers
Wendy & Eric Bruestle
Bill Sherer
Chris Brown
Kim & Ray Gaudet
Cecile Yaptenco
Nick Ingoglia
Britaini Carroll
Ian Asvakovith
Ryan Clancy
JP Heim
James Goett
Meigan Kelly
Beverly Ann Parsons
Rukhshana Motiwala
Cindy Canterbury
William Lovett
Brian & Karen Guza
Clayton Young
Stephanie Ethier & Adam Gibbons
Tyler Wille
Katie Karstaedt
David & Patti Padnes
Meghan Flynn
Marshall & Angela Abbott
Laura & Adam Winik
Eddie & Jeanne Guza
Marianne Curran
Greg & Timi Mosolf
Chris Solarz
Kevin & Lisa Padnes
Tracy Cook
Donna Moody
Ruth Siegfried
Anthony Daigle
Dick & Lynn Sarpolus
AnMarie & Ryan Rose
Jay Tschudy
David Adams/Law Office of David W Adams
Deb Forrest
Karen Willis
Jason & Katie Gross
Adrienne Bailey & Ray Gaudet
Hank & Meredith Swormstedt
John Hyfantis/Energistics LLC
Plecille Noubissi
Chris Knollmeyer/Knollmeyer Building Corp
Matt Estadt
Jason Niemoth
Charlie Johnson/Johnson & Rohan Insurance
Gene & Candy Defalco
Sarah Proctor
Joe & Theresa Raker
Patti Vigilante & Robert Candela
Kyrill Asatur
Milton Lewin
Clarence & Christine Neumann
Brian Boder
Kerry & Austin Watroba
Chris & Rene Phillips
Suzie Cella
Lorelle & Eric Rosenbaum
Cindy & Matt Bruestle
Thomas Guza
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